Commercial Water Treatment

Why should you rely on Kinetico of Vincennes for your commercial/industrial needs? Because we’ve been helping companies like yours for almost 25 years. Industries like:

Nursing Homes


If a reliable supply of high quality water is vital to your company, then put our experience to work. We’ll design an efficient, affordable solution tailored to your needs.

Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Softeners

We handle both the Kinetico and Fleck systems so we can provide you with the optimal equipment for your job. Click below to learn more about the different softeners we have to choose from.

Commercial Purified Water – RO & DI

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

If your company’s processes rely on a steady supply of high quality water, you need to contact Kinetico of Vincennes. We have the expertise to design a purified water installation to fit your requirements. Whether you need RO or DI water, we can help. Click below to learn more.

Commercial Water Filtration

CP Series Commercial Water Filtration

Water filtration covers the use of many media from simple carbon to exotic resins. Whatever your needs, please contact us. Click below to see a brief description of Kinetico’s non-electric filter options.