Commercial Water Softeners

Designing your new installation and picking the proper equipment is a job for experienced experts. No one solution covers all, or even most, commercial softening situations.

That is why Kinetico of Vincennes has experience with a wide variety of equipment. We have designed and installed many types of commercial & industrial jobs in areas such as:

Nursing Homes


If a reliable supply of high quality water is vital to your company, then put our experience to work. We’ll design an efficient, affordable solution tailored to your needs.

Fleck Valve Systems


For years, the Fleck valve has been the industry standard for commercial water softening. They are available in a variety of inlet & outlet sizes to meet your job’s specifications.

Fleck valves also have the ability to backwash many sizes of pressure vessels. When combined with the NXT2 digital controller, this provides a very adaptable system.

Contact us today and we’ll design a Fleck system that fits your needs.

Kinetico CP Series


Kinetico’s patented commercial control valve is completely Non-Electric. This eliminates the components that can lead to premature failure in other systems. Powered by the water moving through the valve, no computers are necessary.

The CP series is very economical to use and maintain. Actual water usage, not a timer or computer, triggers the regeneration cycle. This saves on both salt consumption and wastewater.
Contact us to find out if the CP Series is the answer to your water softening needs.

Kinetico Hydrus Series


Kinetico’s Hydrus Series softeners feature an environmentally responsible design for large volume application. The system is completely configurable as depending on the job requirements.

Single tank or multi-tank installations offer the flexibility for demanding commercial applications.

Contact us today to learn more about the Hydrus Series water softeners.

Kinetico CC Series

Kinetico’s compact commercial softeners are designed for applications with limited space. The non-electric valve eliminates unnecessary regeneration for maximum efficiency.

They are also available in high temperature models. These can function at a continuous temperature of 150 degrees F with a peak of 160 degrees F.

 Contact us to find out if the CC Series is the perfect fit for your business.